The Video Magnifier that simplifies everyday life of low vision people

Froggyloupe HD 1

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Froggyloupe Full HD is a simple and powerfull video magnifier for people with low vision. Magnification goes from 2x up to 32x. Contrasts is adjusted and enhanced. Field of view is much bigger than with optical magnifier. That gives back to the user full autonomy for everyday actions, such as :


Froggyloupe on reading TV program
Reading a TV program, natural colors. High magnification and huge field of view allow full reading of broadcasts schedule and details.

Froggyloupe with BLUECUT contrast
Special included BLUECUT contrasts is developed for patients with high glare sensitivity. That contrast filters blue light, and decrease overall light emission.

Froggyloupe in High Magnification
Froggyloupe with high magnification, with BLUECUT contrast.

Froggyloupe for reading drugs package indications
Froggyloupe allows reading of really tiny text on any surface, such as packaging. Autofocus camera and huge workspace increase confort of reading of these everyday texts.

Froggyloupe and Sudoku
It is possible again to play Sudoku and Crossword using Froggyloupe. Color autofocus camera will follow your vision needs.

Froggyloupe for stamp observation
Watch full tiny details with high precision thanks to Full HD resolution. Small texts at bottom of the stamp are clearly visible.



Designed and build in France, this video-magnifier takes care of low environmental impact and increase durability:


Froggyloupe HD unit alone : 1500 €
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Terms and Conditions


Froggyloupe comes with a 2 years guarantee. This applies only where reasonable use has been applied. As an example, product falldown, or use of a wrong power supply are not covered.


For mainland EEC Europe, delivery cost are included. For other countries including UK and Switzerland, customs taxes may be added during the import process. For more info, please contact us.

Returned Goods

After receiving an online purchase made on this website, customer can return products during 15 days, and get refund of returned goods. Customer will be liable for the cost of posting the goods back to us. This must be by recorded delivery so Customer must have a tracking number and Customer will be liable for this cost. Returned goods should be returned in perfect condition, with all accessories including carrying bag, power supply, cables, user manual. Address is :
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